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  1. 在定扭矩电动扳手接通电源前,检查电源电压是否与本产品铭牌一致,是否有接地装置。当电源电压超过+10%时,应采取稳压措施,否则会影响控制精度。接地不良容易引起事故。

  1. Before the fixed-torque electric wrench is connected to the power supply, check whether the voltage of the power supply is consistent with the nameplate of the product and whether there is a grounding device. When the power supply voltage exceeds + 10%, voltage stabilization measures should be taken, otherwise the control accuracy will be affected. Poor grounding can easily cause accidents.
  2. 恒扭矩电动扳手的环境温度为-10℃-40℃,过高或过低都会影响控制精度。
  2. The ambient temperature of constant-torque electric wrench is - 10-40 C, too high or too low will affect the control accuracy.
  3. The initial torque of threaded bolts shall not exceed 70% of the rated tool torque. When the bolt reaches the rated torque, it shall not be twisted again.
  4. 当工具用于拆卸螺栓时,其扭矩不得大于额定扭矩值。正常情况下,扳手未拧紧或螺栓锈蚀严重,不宜用扳手拆卸,以免对工具造成损坏。
  4. When the tool is used to disassemble the bolt, its torque shall not be greater than the rated value. Normally, the wrench is not tightened or the bolt is seriously rusted. It is not suitable to use the wrench to disassemble, in order to avoid damage to the tool.
  5. 当改变旋转方向时,必须等到电机停止转动。
  5. When changing the direction of rotation, the motor must wait until it stops turning.
  Torsion wrench
  6. 当扳手自动停止时,松开开关(如果开关一直开着,扳手将在5秒后自动启动),等待4-5秒再启动扳手,否则扳手无法启动。
  6. When the wrench stops automatically, release the switch (if the switch keeps on, the wrench will start automatically in 5 seconds). Wait 4-5 seconds to start the wrench again, otherwise the wrench will not start.
  7. 螺栓直径的大小对控制精度有一定的影响。在施工中,采用同类型螺栓连接对扭矩值进行校核。
  7. The diameter of bolt has a certain influence on the control accuracy. In construction, the same type of bolt connection is used to check the torque value.
  8. 机器应在工作前空转3-5分钟。运行中发现电机火花大、声音异常、扭矩不稳定时,应立即停机检查。不要与疾病打交道。
  8. The machine should be idle for 3-5 minutes before working. When the generator is found to have large spark, abnormal sound and unstable torque during operation, it should be stopped immediately for inspection. Don't deal with illness.
  9. Clean and change grease regularly. After 5000 times of work, it should be cleaned and oiled to prolong service life.
  Torsion wrench
  10. 主机控制仪表上的电源开关、碳刷、保险丝等都是易发生故障的易损件,应经常检查,及时更换。
  10. Power switches, carbon brushes and fuses on the host control instruments are all vulnerable parts which are prone to failure. They should be checked regularly and replaced in time.
  11. 使用过程中工具螺丝松动,应及时拧紧。
  11. Tool screw should be tightened in time.
  12. 搬运工具时,请勿拉动电缆,轻拿轻放,以免振动和掉落。不使用时,应放在干燥通风处。如发现潮湿应及时干燥处理。请勿与酸、碱等有害物质接触或贮存。
  12. When handling tools, do not pull the cable, take it lightly to avoid vibration and falling. When not in use, it should be placed in a dry and ventilated place. If dampness is found, it should be dried in time. Do not contact or store with harmful substances such as acid or alkali.
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