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  In our daily life, we often encounter the need to disassemble tools and repair screw situations, at this time, electric wrench will be the best choice. Electric wrench, commonly known as electric torsion shear wrench, is generally used to determine the torque of bolts. When the distance reaches a certain level, the rod head can be cut off. Do you know the advantages of electric twist-shear wrench with Xiaobian?
  What are the advantages of electric wrenches?
  1. 精度高
  1. High accuracy
  The torque regulation of industrial electric wrench is more accurate, so it can tighten the torque accurately and improve the operation efficiency in practical operation. However, the distance of the return error of the electric wrench with relatively poor quality affects the normal use of the wrench.
  2. Long service life
  Electric wrenches have longer service life, higher power, and more energy-saving overall. Early surgery will not make a lot of noise, because the operation will inevitably collide, and a good external material of electric wrenches is relatively strong, so the effect of relative resistance.
  3. Good heat dissipation
  Because the electric wrench will generate excess heat in the use process, so a good electric wrench must have good heat dissipation of its handle and shell materials.
  4. More cost-effective
  Because there are many factories producing electric wrenches, which have strong market competitiveness and appropriate prices will improve the competitiveness of products, so the cost management and overall pricing of the factory is a very important link, and the price-to-reputation ratio of electric wrenches is high.
  In summary, the electric torsion shear wrench with good quality not only has excellent power, long service life, good heat dissipation, but also has great advantages in price and high cost performance. Because electric wrenches are frequently used in the maintenance of machinery and equipment in factories, electric wrenches with better quality have more advantages in choosing electric wrenches. In addition, the electric wrench has good after-sales service and is trustworthy.
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