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  What's the difference between pneumatic wrench and torsion wrench? What if the screw of electric wrench is loose? What's the cause of abnormal carbon spark of motor? How to solve the problem that electric wrench can't be used properly? Don't be afraid. You just need to know that.
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  Torsion shear wrench is a wrench powered by power supply or battery. It is a tool for tightening high strength bolts, also known as high strength bolt gun. It is mainly divided into impact wrench, torsion shear wrench, fixed torque wrench, angle wrench, angle wrench.
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  Pneumatic wrench, electric wrench
  Electric wrench is a wrench powered by power or battery and a tool for tightening bolts. It is mainly used in the steel structure installation industry, especially for the installation of high-strength bolts in steel structures. High-strength bolts are used to connect the contacts of steel structures, usually in the form of bolt groups.
  Pneumatic wrench, also known as ratchet wrench and electric tool assembly, is mainly a tool to provide high torque output with minimum consumption. It uses a continuous power source to accelerate the rotation of a body with a certain mass, and then instantaneously hits the output axis to obtain a larger output of torque. Compressed air is the most common source of power, although some use electric or hydraulic power.
  此外,气动扳手可在每一个标准棘轮套筒驱动器大小,从一个小的1/4 ""驱动套件套件安装和拆卸到3.5" "。气动扳手一般不适用于陶瓷和塑料安装件的紧固。
  In addition, the pneumatic wrench can be installed and disassembled from a small 1/4"drive kit to 3.5" for each standard ratchet sleeve drive size. Pneumatic wrenches are generally not suitable for the fastening of ceramic and plastic fittings.
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  The screw of the electric wrench is loose如果发现螺钉松动,应立即拧紧,否则会导致电动扳手失效。
  If the screw is loose, it should be tightened immediately, otherwise the electric wrench will fail.
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  Abnormal Carbon Spark of Electric Machine应立即停止工作,检查处理情况,检查碳刷是否清洁。依次解决。
  Work should be stopped immediately to check the treatment and the cleanliness of carbon brushes. Solve it in turn.
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  It's out of order.
  Verify that the power supply connected on site is consistent with the nameplate of the electric wrench. Are there leakage protector connections? If there is no abnormality or no use, it should be sent to the brand repair shop for inspection.

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