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The ambient temperature of the fixed torque electric wrench is from minus 10 degrees to minus 40 degrees. When the temperature is too high or too low, the precision of the control point will be affected.
In addition, the initial torque of the screwed bolt of the wrench should not be greater than 70% of the torque, and the bolt should not be re-twisted after reaching the rated torque. When changing the direction of rotation, it is necessary to wait for the motor to roll intermittently. It is forbidden to turn the positive and negative switches in the work.
When the electric wrench is used to remove the bolt, its torque can not be greater than the rated value. Usually, if the wrench is not rusty without Beijing and Tianjin, it is generally not recommended that you open it, otherwise it is easy to be difficult to use or damaged.
Also, before we turn on the power supply, we need to check whether the movie is consistent with the equipment and whether there is a grounding device. Avoid causing bad accidents.
When we use the automatic interruption of the wrench, we can disconnect. Wait four to five seconds before we start the wrench, otherwise the wrench can not start.
Our company provides you with special after-sales service:
1. If there is a problem in the product, we will provide solutions for you by professional customers.
2. If it is within the warranty period, we can repair it for you free. When it exceeds the warranty period, our professional staff can provide the cost to repair it for you.

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