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  After the electric torque wrench motor is decelerated by planetary gear mechanism, the power is transmitted to the impact head. The impact head and two protruding heads drive the rotating shaft through the wrench to complete the power output. When the torque wrench is used for a period of time, its output power decreases. With the increase of wrench usage time, the output power will continue to decline until it can not work. How should we deal with this situation?
  Through the observation of the disintegration of the electric torque wrench, professionals found that the working surface of the wrench shaft was worn seriously when the torque wrench was used. The worn working face is an inclined plane with an angle of 45 degrees from the original working face. When the impulse is dispersed, the force acting on the wrench internals also changes. Through repeated observation and inspection, the main reason for the failure of electric wrench is the serious wear of the working surface of the shaft.
  In order to prolong the service life of electric torque wrench, it is necessary to solve its wear problem. If this problem can be solved, the problem of impact head wear can be solved. Replace the integral lever shaft and disassemble. The lever shaft working face can be disassembled. After using for a period of time, it can be replaced according to the wear condition. Movable working face can select suitable materials independently and achieve higher mechanical properties through reasonable processing technology.
  Experts recommend high carbon steel for electric moment wrench, quenching and tempering heat treatment process. In this way, the working face after processing has both higher hardness and certain toughness, so that it will not break in the impact process, and can be processed in large quantities, one processing can meet the requirements of long-term replacement and use, very convenient. Thus, the problem of reducing the output power of the electric wrench is solved.
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