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  1. 一般情况下,选用II类手持式电动机,安装漏电保护器,额定冲击动作电流不大于15mA,额定动作时间小于0.1秒。如果使用I类安全手提电动工具,也必须是零保护。操作人员必须戴绝缘手套、穿绝缘靴或站在绝缘垫上。

  1. Generally, type II hand-held motor is selected and leakage protector is installed. The rated impulse action current is not more than 15A, and the rated action time is less than 0.1 seconds. If you use Class I safe hand-held electric tools, it must also be zero protection. Operators must wear insulating gloves, insulating boots or stand on insulating pads.
  2. 在潮湿的地方或金属框架上操作时,必须选择II类安全手持电动工具,并且必须安装防溅泄漏保护器。严禁使用I类安全手提电动工具。
  2. When operating in wet places or on metal frames, Class II safe hand-held electric tools must be selected and anti-splash and leakage protectors must be installed. It is strictly forbidden to use Class I safe hand-held electric tools.
  3. In narrow places (boilers, metal containers, grooves, pipes, etc.), Class III hand-held power tools with isolation transformers should be used; Class II hand-held power tools must be equipped with anti-splash devices. Install isolation transformer or leakage protector in narrow area.
  Torsion wrench
  4. The load line of hand-held electric tools must be weatherproof rubber sheathed copper cable without joint. Plastic yarns are prohibited.
  5. 砂轮接触湿气、变形、裂纹、断裂、切边或接触油、碱等,不得使用。受湿气影响的砂轮叶片不能自行干燥。砂轮与接头软垫应安装牢固,螺母不宜过紧。
  5. The grinding wheel shall not be used when it is in contact with moisture, deformation, crack, fracture, trimming or oil or alkali. Wheel blades affected by moisture cannot be dried by themselves. Grinding wheel and joint cushion should be firmly installed, nuts should not be too tight.
  6. 操作前检查:
  6. Check before operation:
  (1) There are no cracks or damages in the shell and handle;
  (2) Protect correct, firm and reliable zero-position wiring, intact cable and plug, normal operation of switch, pay attention to the operation method of switch;
  (3) The electrical protection device is good and reliable, and the mechanical protection device is complete.
  7. 开机后空操作,检查工具操作应灵活、畅通。
  7. Flexibility and smoothness should be ensured in the operation of check tools after boot-up.
  8. Hand-held electric tools (electric wrenches) should balance the increased force during operation and not exert too much force.
  9. 严禁超载。请随时注意音响及温升。
  9. No overloading. Please pay attention to the sound and temperature rise at any time.
  10. 操作中不得触摸电动工具(电动扳手)。
  10. Electric tools (electric wrenches) should not be touched in operation.
  Do not stop when the machine is running.
  Cautions for using electric tools (electric wrenches);
  (1) The wrench head shall be pushed on the workpiece and shall not be pushed empty;
  (2) The workpiece must be supported vertically and the bolts should not be shaken.
  (3) With large torque electric tool (electric wrench), the operation site should be set around guardrail. The ground should have a solid operating platform.
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