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  What are the maintenance methods of the torsion wrench? In fact, many users will encounter a series of problems when using the wrench, because these problems will seriously affect the efficiency of the work. Then we should fix it as soon as possible. Today, the twist-shear wrench knitted for the majority of users summed up a "quick maintenance method of twist-shear wrench" material.
  Wrench repair method 1:
  1. 首先,检查你的扳手的传感器连接线是否能够连接好,与传感器的信号线是短路还是开路,焊点是否存在虚焊现象。
  1. First, check whether the sensor connection of your wrench can be well connected, whether the signal line of the sensor is short-circuited or open-circuited, and whether there is virtual welding in the solder joint.
  B. Spanner Maintenance Method 2:
  1. Then check whether your meter is full or not. If it is not full, it is easy to cause it. If it can not be used properly, the value is unstable, and it will jump. When using logic pen and oscilloscope to detect signals, please be careful not to let the probe touch both 2 and measuring pins at the same time, because the essence of this situation is to form a short circuit in the case of electrification.
  C. Spanner repair method 3:
  When using the ohmmeter block of the multimeter, remember not to measure on-line. When the twisted shear clamp, electrolytic power supply 2, positive and negative pole capacitors of the filter capacitor of the power supply should be short-circuited first, when short-circuited, do not use watch and pencil line to replace the line to stop discharge capacitor, because it is easy to burn off the core line. You can take a 220V, 50W bulb with a header lead and connect it to both ends of the capacitor. When discharging, the bulb will flash.
  D. Spanner Maintenance Method 4:
  1. When measuring the parameters of each point, the common manual sewing needle can be welded on the multimeter pen, which can directly penetrate the paint layer to measure each point without large area peeling off the paint layer, thus forming the oxidation of copper foil.
  E. Spanner repair method 5:
  1. 在潮湿的环境下,有必要测试一下万用表是否能将电路板上的所有点都打开。
  1. In a humid environment, it is necessary to test whether the multimeter can open all points on the circuit board.
  2. Because the main failure in this case is the corrosion of copper foil. For corroded circuit boards, we can clean and wipe them with 95% industrial alcohol to avoid corroding larger masks.
  3. When checking the internal circuit of the Torsion-shear wrench, insulating varnish is applied to the connection of the installation component and the circuit board.
  What are the maintenance methods of the torsion wrench? The above is our summary of the repair methods of the torsion shear wrench, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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